Outdoor floor standing digital signage 32 to 86 inches

* Display Type: TFT-LCD, LED Backlight

* Touch Type: No touch or 10-point nano touch

* Contrast ratio: 5000:1

* Resolution: 1920 X 1080p (4K optional)

* Display Color: 16.7M

* Material management: video, audio, pictures

* Video output port: 1 HDMI1.4 standard interface

* Interface: 2 USB external interfaces

* Processor: RK3288 quad core or other specified

* Waterproof and dustproof: conventional IP55 (IP65 Optional)

* Surface treatment: AG AR AF (optional)

* Supported operating system: Android version

* Certificates: UL, CUL (Recognized), FCC, CE, CB, China ROHS CQC

* Shelf life: 1 year

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Product video

    Product Overview

    GreenTouch outdoor vertical advertising machine adopts ultra-thin body design, aluminum alloy frame technology; uses high-definition LCD large screen to restore true colors; the display screen is equipped with an automatic photosensitive system, which can change the brightness of the display screen according to the ambient light. Green touch outdoor wall-mounted advertising machine adopts a powerful quad-core processor, which is smooth to use, supports U disk release, mobile phone remote release, and cloud intelligent management background release content. It supports time-sharing display, timing switch machine, easy control of multiple terminal devices anytime, anywhere, intelligent split screen, custom multi-screen layout and other functions.


    Product Structure

    1.The shell is made of 1.5mm galvanized sheet, sprayed with outdoor special powder, anti-corrosion for more than 5 years

    2. The shell structure is designed with waterproof edge to meet the IP55 protection level

    3.The front protective glass of the whole screen is made of 5mm ultra-white tempered glass, with a light transmittance of ≥98% and high light transmittance.

    4.The whole machine adopts the front and rear double doors, which can facilitate the maintenance of the internal display screen, glass, heat dissipation components and electronic parts

    5.The whole machine adopts modular design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance

    Product Features

    ♦ The door lock is a three-level protection, the casing screws are hidden, and the screws cannot be removed

    ♦ IP55 waterproof and dustproof, the use of three composite sealing strips has good elasticity and anti-compression deformation, multi-angle waterproof

    ♦ 7*24 hours of stable work, support custom switch machine, timed playback

    ♦ Default air-cooled intelligent cooling and heating exhaust air temperature control system, using intelligent direct ventilation cooling system, professional special air duct cooling design

    ♦ Built-in lightning arrester and air switch. It can effectively reduce the potential difference between the interfaces of the equipment, thereby protecting the equipment on the circuit. Air switch can prevent leakage accident

    ♦ It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the light and dark of the environment


    Intelligent Split Screen System

    ⑴ Can support a variety of split screen methods. When creating an ad, you can stretch and drag the display area and size freely.

    ⑵ You can edit video, pictures, subtitles, RSS text, mix broadcast, time, weather, logo, web page, SWF, AV synchronous playback, etc.;

    ⑶ The system has a digital calendar clock, weather forecast and program template library, supports self-designed templates, and provides template preview function.


    System compatibility and scalability

    The system adopts B/S architecture, without installing the client, you can open the IE browser on any computer to log in to the control background, and perform any cloud management on all terminals.

    Picture special effect playback - You can set the picture playback special effect function, such as: blinds.

    Live Streaming - Supports various forms of live streaming such as live streaming, live web video, etc.

    Play plan management - all the programs that need to be sent can be planned in advance.

    Remote control terminal - through management software, remote power on/off, restart, volume, etc.

    Remote real-time monitoring - can remotely monitor terminal dynamics in real time.

    Timing switch - can set multiple rounds of timing switch


    Extended functions (customizable)

    It can support the expansion of camera (video call, face recognition), microphone, touch screen, printer, QR code scanning, motion sensor, light box, virtual display, card reader, one-key alarm, voice control module and other functions.

    Technical parameter

    Application Scenario


    Specification and download


    Display portsRatio

    Display Size


    Active Area 






    Data Download


    1600X580X430mm698.4X392.9mm2000 1920 X 1080




    1900X742X500mm941.2X529.4mm2000 1920 1080




    HDMI,USB*216:91900X807X500mm1073.8X604mm2000 1920 X 1080


    55"GT-HW-550WDLHDMI,USB*216:91950X880X500mm1209.3X681mm2000 1920 X 1080


    65"GT-HW-650WDLHDMI,USB*216:92100X1012.5X500mm1431.4X806.5mm2000 1920 X 1080


    75"GT-HW-750WDLHDMI,USB*216:92270X1146.9X500mm1668.4 X946.9mm
    2000 1920 X 1080


    86"GT-HW-860WDLHDMI,USB*216:92529X1269X650mm1898 X1069mm2000 1920 X 1080