Precautions for capacitive touch screen test

2022-05-06 18:03:22 413

1.When a single TP is used for testing. Please put an insulating material (such as foam, etc.) under the TP before testing, and you need to re-plug the USB cable after moving the TP or unplugging the FPC during the test to ensure normal touch.

2.When the jumping phenomenon occurs, please try to increase the distance between the TP and the monitor. For example, move the touchscreen away, do not put it on the monitor, and see if there is still a random jumping phenomenon. After moving the PCAP, remember to unplug the USB. , If there are still random jumping points, it can basically be judged that it is the interference of the power supply. At this time, it is recommended that the customer replace a more stable power supply environment, such as replacing the power adapter with better quality.

3.When there is no action on the touch part, please wipe the FPC gold finger with a cleaning agent such as alcohol or an eraser, and re-plug the control card and FPC to see if the problem can be solved. If you have multiple sets of products, you can perform cross-testing to determine whether the PCAP or the control card is bad.

4.If the samples sent out for the first time sometimes have unsatisfactory touch effects, such as random jumping points, disconnection, slow response speed, etc., please do not worry,because the samples are only debugged for a single TP, which is different from the environment of the whole machine It may be relatively large and can be optimized for the whole machine.

5.Our products are driver-free under win7 and win8 systems, plug and play. If you use other operating systems such as win xp, linux, android, etc., please provide the corresponding driver information to customers.

6. Because Touch Panel is a high-precision electronic product that is fragile, easily scratched and torn, any operation on TP needs to be gentle and gentle.