Outdoor wall-mounted advertising display

2022-08-01 17:49:32 520

GreenTouch's vertical outdoor advertising display, the brightness can reach 2000nits, the high-brightness display can be clearly visible in the sun, the viewing angle is 178°, the display is equipped with an automatic photosensitive system, which can change the brightness of the display according to the ambient light. The default air-cooled intelligent cooling, heating and exhaust air temperature control system adopts intelligent direct ventilation cooling system and professional special air duct cooling design. With the professionalism and reliability of the proven GreenTouch. The model GreenTouch is designed and built to have a long life cycle to supply long-term needs. Can support a variety of split screen methods. When creating an ad, you can stretch and drag the display area and size freely. It can edit video, pictures, subtitles, RSS text, mix 

broadcast, time, weather, logo, web page, SWF, AV synchronous playback, etc.

Touch technology includes: 

No touch or 10 point nano touch 

• Simple and stylish appearance, 

With a high-brightness display, 

Can change display according to ambient light 

screen brightness. 

Optional cloud smart advertising system (CMS) 

Intelligent split screen system 

• Global agency certification 

• 1 year standard warranty